BKB-SIN Speech-In-Noise Test for Children and Cochlear Users

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Etymotic Research

BKB-SIN is an advanced Speech-in-Noise test specially developed to estimate SNR loss with children, cochlear-implant wearers, and adults for whom QuickSIN is too difficult.

The test uses Bamford-Kowal-Bench sentences, recorded in four-talker babble.

Includes 2 CDs. CD 1 is the standard BKB-SIN with target talker and background babble recorded on same channel at pre-reorded signal-to-noise ratios. CD 2 is the split-track BKB-SIN with target talker and babble recorded on separate channels.

Other uses:
- demonstrate the advantages of amplification
- predict performance with hearing aids in loud, noisy environments
- assess directional microphone performance
- estimate children's performance for soft speech
- screen for auditory processing disorders in children

BKB-SIN includes: 2-CD set, educational materials, user manual, score sheets

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