“We don’t have anything from you that just goes into a cupboard. Some things you buy from other places or catalogues actually have no practical application, but we use everything we purchase from PC Werth.”

– St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, Manchester


“We have found the Redcat Soundfield system very easy to use and set up which is useful as we move from lesson to lesson on a daily basis. As the system is light weight and fits into a laptop carrier bag, it makes life a lot easier.

We have used the system from day one with year 7 class, the students have got used to it and even ask for the microphone during discussion time if the TA/Teacher forgets to hand it out. The microphone is used as a talking stick (not intentionally at first) and we have found that the students are very respectful when another is talking and the class stay silent which is a positive. Some of teachers use the microphone during their lesson as they feel it saves their voice, which also means our student with the a severe hearing impediment has a clear understanding of what the teacher is asking and can complete the work effectively. We are very pleased with this devise and would recommend it for use in any secondary school.”

– Jo BrayHolsworthy Community College, Devon