Case Studies

Prince Rock Primary invests in Soundfield

Mia Watt, a teacher at Prince Rock Primary School, was fully aware of the issues that Prince Rock Primary had – an old Victorian building with many corners, stone floors and high ceilings.

“Our school is a huge Victorian building with big rooms and high ceilings. We have become very aware of sound and reverberation issues and that the teachers had to really strain their voice in order to be heard. It is a no-brainer to figure out the impact on the children’s learning and performance.”

Having a daughter with hearing difficulties, Mia is aware of the mild to moderate hearing losses primary age school children face. “We have some children (and staff) with a variety of hearing impairments from mild, fluctuating glue ear to permanent senosori-neural loss requiring them to wear hearing aids.  The nature of our building and classrooms was even more challenging for them.”

Mia first heard about Soundfield through the NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society) local representative and Plymouth hearing impairment service. Mia contacted PC Werth for a free trail of the Soundfied system in different classrooms and age groups. The trial proved to be positive with staff and learners.

“Since investing in the Soundfield systems for each of our teaching rooms, we have been able to overcome major acoustics issues. Children are now able to hear their teacher properly without the background noise. At the same time, the teacher does not need to strain her voice to be heard. In a recent survey children and staff alike voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Soundfield systems.”

“One of the learners went home quite upset – her teacher didn’t use the Soundfield system because she was unaware of it. This caused the learner to miss parts of the lesson. Had she been using the Soundfield system she wouldn’t have missed so much of what was being said .”