We protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but how often do we protect our precious hearing?

PERFECTfit from PC Werth is on a mission to ensure that comprehensive and comfortable hearing protection is available to everyone nationwide. As we edge ever closer to the awesome London Olympics 2012 we’ve focused our attention on the athletes who need our help the most, the shooters!

Since the sound of gunfire can permanently damage your hearing it’s no surprise that UK, Olympic and World champion clay shooter Steve Scott can already be seen using personalised Safeshoot solid plugs, and he’s not the only one.

Young Olympic hopeful Tim Hawkins is equally eager to follow suit so we hit the road to meet the Welsh junior double trap shooting champion and provide him with the ultimate hearing protection for the next generation.

In a matter of moments audiologist Helen Hollywell (of Monmouthshire Hearing) had created the young talent’s ear moulds, ready to be sent back to our London Laboratories and transformed into his very own custom-fit protective ear plugs!


With his old fashioned over ear defenders left by the wayside we hope that Tim will be smitten with his new equipment and confident to go for gold without distraction or harm regarding his hearing. Good Luck Tim!


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