(Chicago and London, July 5, 2017) Sensaphonics, the music industry leader in hearing wellness and in-ear monitor technology, has announced an agreement with Britain’s PC Werth, making them the exclusive source for Sensaphonics IEMs in the UK. As the country’s leading provider of audiology products including custom-fit hearing protectors, PC Werth will now offer the full range of Sensaphonics in-ear monitors (IEMs), including all custom-fit models and the new 3D-U AARO System with patented Active Ambient™ technology. “We are thrilled to be partnering with a respected firm like PC Werth to make Sensaphonics products more accessible to our UK customers,” says Sensaphonics founder and President, Dr. Michael Santucci. “Music industry clients like Radiohead and Coldplay have long known the outstanding comfort, fit, and isolation our products provide. This association will make it easier for more UK customers to protect their hearing without sacrificing the reference sound quality that musicians and sound engineers require.” PC Werth Managing Director Delain Wright is similarly enthusiastic. “With our 70-year history of audiology expertise, we see Sensaphonics IEMs as the ideal choice for musicians and music fans who want outstanding sound quality without undue risk of hearing injury,” he says. “We are excited to add this outstanding brand to our portfolio of hearing wellness technologies and products.” The partnership between PC Werth and Sensaphonics is effective immediately. The UK’s largest supplier of audiology supplies to hearing healthcare professionals, London-based PC Werth is a wholly owned subsidiary of IntriCon Corporation. Sensaphonics is a privately held U.S. corporation based in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, visit PC Werth and Sensaphonics websites. ABOUT SENSAPHONICS Founded in 1985 by Michael Santucci Au.D., Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, Inc. designs and manufactures custom-fitted earphones and electronics designed to achieve safe, high-resolution audio in mission-critical applications. Serving a primary customer base of musicians and sound engineers, Sensaphonics products are used exclusively on all manned NASA missions and on the International Space Station. Other significant markets served by Sensaphonics include house of worship, theater, broadcasting, motorsports, aeronautics, and audiophile listening. Sensaphonics is committed to the preservation of hearing through superior products, audiological services and audio consulting, enabling longer, more productive careers and richer quality of life. Located in Chicago, Sensaphonics can be contacted toll-free at 877-848-1714, internationally at 312-432-1714, or online at www.sensaphonics.com. ABOUT PC WERTH Established in 1947 by Peter Werth, PC Werth have played an instrumental role in establishing the UK’s independent and hearing healthcare sector. In November 2015, PC Werth Ltd were acquired by the IntriCon Corp of Minnesota, USA. Today, IntriCon UK Ltd trading as PC Werth are the largest and longest established supplier of hearing healthcare and hearing protection products to the UK market. PC Werth are located in Mitcham, South London, United Kingdom. IntriCon is headquartered in Arden Hills, a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, United States. They employ more than 600 people at facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia. IntriCon common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol “IIN”.

PC Werth – Sensaphonics Partnership has commenced

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