PC Werth is one of the leading suppliers of sound technologies with 25 years’ experience on the education market. Our offer covers sound systems including soundfield and personal FM systems, in addition to bespoke acoustic solutions for quieter learning environment.

Our voice amplification systems (soundfield), available in portable and fixed options, are perfect fit for every classroom, PA and assembly hall, and everywhere where teacher’s voice needs to be evenly distributed without dropouts or interference. While Personal FM aids and body-worn systems enable pupils with hearing impairment to fully participate in lessons, without the feeling of being left out or excluded.

The soundfield system provided by PC Werth are compatible with all hearing aids and FM systems.

Bespoke and tailored to your budget acoustic solutions from PC Werth, dramatically reduce reverberation levels, enabling effective communication and creating inclusive environment. Acoustic treatments include sound-proof panels, noise-absorbent Hushh-up balls and sound monitoring systems, providing visual indication of the noise level in the classroom.

PC Werth continues to uphold its strong position as a true independent supplier of education sound technologies, allowing the teacher and the school to make the right choice for their pupils.