PC Werth embraces Peto as a route to market with its innovative website service

PC Werth continues to be a leading supplier in the UK audiological market and has been so or over 67 years – introducing many new and innovative audiological products, consumables and sundries to hearing professionals.

Being an innovative company, PC Werth’s partnership with Peto is seen by its healthcare director Stewart Howell as major step forward in marketing the company’s portfolio.

Peto Homepage
Peto Homepage

We saw Peto Marketplace as a pioneering alternative to the more traditional routes to market. We were encouraged by the many benefits of working with Peto and their unique ability to place our full product range in front of all key healthcare decision makers.

Like many SME’s, PC Werth recognises that audiological professionals are under pressure to reduce costs and maintain standards – leading them to seek new and innovative procurement routes.

Peto supports the NHS and private dispensers by providing transparency and therefore adds value to the supply chain.

Through Peto, PCW offers an extensive array of leading professional audiological products – accessories, consumables and sundries in a wide range of options, including multi-packs with generous volume discounts designed to suite small to busy audiology departments.

PC Werth’s range of products is available through Peto at very competitive prices and is supported by their technical support team at Audiology House and regional account and product management teams.

If you would like to see what PC Werth can do for you, visit us on Peto’s supplier directory or email info@pcwerth.co.uk



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