Monitor engineer, Conor Dillon, embraces Sensaphonics 3D AARO

(Chicago, IL – June 26, 2017) Monitor engineer Conor Dillon is a busy man, juggling tours with a wide range of artists including Ronan Keating, Franz Ferdinand, Sparks, and OMD over the past two years. Having to deal with a wide range of artist preferences for monitors inspired Dillon to explore the available options for in-ear monitors, specifically looking for something that would streamline his own job.

monitor engineer using sensaphopnics universal driver system

Dillon has been using Sensaphonics 2MAX as his reference standard for sound and was intrigued by the company’s 3D AARO, which uses an embedded binaural microphone system to allow the user to hear the ambient stage sound blocked by their high-isolation soft silicone earpieces. A simple toggle allows Dillon to instantly switch to Communication Mode, in which the system delivers ambient sound at its natural volume. This allows him to listen to cue speakers or have conversations with band and crew as if there were no earpieces in the way


Dillon found this unique capability to be a major benefit when mixing a show. Recently, he shared his thoughts:


I want to spread the word about a new in-ear product I’m now using.  Sensaphonics 3D AARO has been a real game-changer for me as a monitor engineer. This product is great from just a pure sound perspective, but has also made my job working on stage so much easier.


For several years now, I have been a big fan of the Sensaphonics 2MAX for its sound quality, isolation, and comfort. I never thought I’d change, but when I got the chance to hear 3D AARO, I immediately bought a set. Literally that day!


The first reason was the sound. They sound just like my 2MAX, which I really like.


The second reason is the technology. What makes 3D AARO so great is that it lets you hear the sound around you with both earpieces in place. It’s called Active Ambient technology, and it involves tiny microphones mounted in the earpieces. It’s great for musicians on stage, but it really helps the monitor engineer as well.


The system has the ability to open up the ambient microphones at the flick of a switch so that I can listen to cue monitors and also to speak with the musicians on stage / backline techs / house techs without having to remove my IEMs.

In an ideal world, I would love all musicians I work with to be on IEMs, but the past few tours has seen a mixture of IEMs and stage monitor wedges. So being able to quickly switch between listening to IEM mixes and then my cue monitor without removing my in-ears is really nice.


The 3D includes a bodypack mixer that controls how much of the ambient mic feed is added to the mix. It’s nice and compact, so I have it on my waist beside my wireless cue pack.


Also, the 3D pack has a monitor LED on top that is handy for showing you when your mix is too loud. I sometimes cue a musician’s mix that I feel is too loud and show them my pack. Once they see the red light flicker, they immediately turn down – with no arguments or questions! It lets me focus on the mix but still be all about saving their ears – and mine!


That’s another great thing about Sensaphonics. They have this great-sounding, really comfortable in-ears, but are really all about saving your hearing. I plan to be mixing music for a long time, so that’s the kind of in-ear company I want to work with. That’s why they created 3D AARO, which I recommend as a great tool for both musicians on stage and for using in Monitor World. You should definitely check it out.



Conor Dillon

Monitor Engineer


Sensaphonics 3D AARO is available with both custom-fit and universal earpieces. For more information, please visit

In the UK, Sensaphonics IEMs may be ordered through hearing health specialist and authorised distributor – PC Werth. If you wish to order Universal Single Driver System (3D-U AARO) or Dual Drive System, please visit the PC Werth’s Webstore.


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