Leading VRA System from PC Werth & Kamplex

PC Werth VRA System from Kamplex & BIME

One audiology essential that we are asked to supply, time and time again, is a decent VRA system: there are a few on offer, but for some reason (and in our experience) they are often lacking in one respect or another.

So on the basis that a product built for audiology practitioners by practitioners was a good place to start – and that a fantastic reputation is a good backup – we are pleased to offer Audiologists in the UK & Ireland (and further afield), the VRA system from the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME).

VRA System Spec Essentials

As you can see from the picture and datasheet, this VRA is a traditional set-up: no LCD screens here. Which means that we like our VRA for a number of reasons:

  • It is simple to operate with little call for familiarisation training
  • Real toys and stimulae are felt to give a better reward than images on LCDs
  • The unit is completely stand-alone: you can add it to freefield audiology setup or use it with any audiometer – PC Based or desktop with minimal fuss.  

So it’s reliable, effective and refreshingly free of phaffing about with IT or other integration – what’s not to like?

Read the full PC Werth PC Werth VRA news release

For more information on the PC Werth VRA, you can find the datasheet on our instruments page

Or just send us the times you’d like us to call you back for more information or a quote on the VRA

Find out more about BIME here



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