Impression taking course at PC Werth

PC Werth Audiology House

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding another impression taking course at our robust premises at PC Werth Ltd Audiology House in South West London.

The previous addition has proven to be so successful and the demand so high that Tracy James, the Clinical Scientist in Audiology, has agreed to run another, summer edition.

The training has been especially design for professionals working with hearing impair individuals, both adults and children, who require training in impression-taking. The training is perfect particularly for assistant/associate audiologists, ATOs, assistant hearing aid dispensers, ToDs, educational audiologists, acoustic technicians and all those who are interested in the art of impression taking.

The course content includes both practical and theoretical components. All participants are required to pass a practical assessment undertaken on the day and additional assessment as homework, in order to gain the certificate. Our man at PC Werth, Karl Langton, who participated in the course recently, said:

“The course was very informative and professionally organised, whilst being very practical and hands-on. The written material was very useful in identifying the ear and all parts from inner to outer. The use of the products to take the impressions was explained in great detail and how to create the correct mix of material to allow sufficient time to take the impressions correctly.

Tracy James was very helpful in demonstrating and explaining step by step the correct methods and also the hazards associated with the incorrect methods of taking impressions. Tracy explained that once the course had been completed the only way to ensure impressions are of a high quality was to take as many impressions as possible regularly so that it becomes second nature and easier to identify the possible problems associated with the workings of the ear canal”.

The trainer, Tracy James, has over 10-year experience in delivering impression taking courses. Tracy is a Professional Practice Committee member for the BSA and was a lead author for the BSA recommended procedure (supplement) – “Taking an Aural Impression: Children under 5 years”.

Course fee £250.

Venue: PC Werth, 45 Nightingale Lane, SW12 8SP

Date: 11th June 2015

To learn more, please visit Should you wish to learn more please contact  Tracy





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