“Otovation really have pulled it off once again, offering hearing healthcare professionals the exact tools they want and need for best practice.”


The OtoSphere is Here!

Those concerned with clinical screening will be thrilled to learn that the BSHAA conference this week marks the UK industry’s first sneak peek of the dynamic and effortlessly desirable OtoSphere two-channel clinical audiometer from Otovation.


The PC driven and totally portable clinical audiometer comes with air, bone and speech testing with free-field; there are also high frequency and REM module upgrade option available.


Still with all the original features that made the Symphony 1.0 a success, this new version also has some great new tricks up its sleeve. Perhaps the star features are Trackwizard, which enables you to run multiple word test software simultaneously and the Self-Record Word Test capability which means the audiologist can pre-record their own word test in whatever language or accent that best suits.With the style and substance that we’ve come to expect from industry leaders Otovation, the big news actually goes above and beyond the latest (and exceptional) instruments, to the powerful, updated software, Symphony 2.0.

The user friendly interface makes accessing numerous records easy with the Dashboard capable of displaying audiograms, tympograms, hearing aid fitting data, acoustic reflexes, speech noise rations and even the plotting of audiogram overlays!dashboard

Symphony 2.0 is compatible with both the new OtoSphere and the legendary Otopodoffers a simple solution to unnecessary time wasting and confusion that hinder productivity and can prevent hearing healthcare professionals from providing a service that is personal, fast and accurate.

Symphony 2.0 is compatible with the new OtoSphere and of course Otovation’s infamous Otopod; (the popular diagnostic audiometer that fits in the palm of your hand.)


For more details on the new range of Otovation products available for 2013 and how they can help your business, contact your PC Werth representative or our sales team at Sales@pcwerth.co.uk / 020 8772 2700.




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