T3 magazine’s The Best Section is a handy snapshot of all that is good and great in the world of technology.

It’s nice to see our ER HF3 earphones right at the top of the August edition, in there with plenty of stars and a pleasingly accurate comment that sound accuracy is their thing. Not bass, just clearer, crisper sound for those who know what they want.

T3 could not know that PC Werth can make your custom fit sleeves for ER (or any other buds, for that matter) in just a few days, so we definitely forgive them that.

And hey, the space was tight, so T3 only covered the HF3 for iPhone/pod etc and not the HF2 for Android devices or the HF5 (earphones only, no mic). for the same reason the amazing noise isolation of all the eartips was not covered – it may be in the full review in Jan 2012, so that could be worth a look.

Etymotic Research HF Accessories supplied with earphones

All the ER earphones (including ETY-Kids, noise limiting sets for kids) are on www.pcwerthstore.co.uk for our trade customers Рif you are thinking bulk buys or a deal to look at sleeves, then call us direct on 020 8772 2700. And if you have a bright idea about custom sleeves for your ERs, then let us know: info@pcwerth.co.uk


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