I have just returned from supporting another of the Basic Ear Care courses, held at Aston University , and am continually surprised by how popular this course is. I’m not surprised because of the course itself, I am surprised by the attendees on the course and the willingness and desire to learn this new, but incredibly useful, skill.

I’m so impressed that I am hoping to book myself on this course before the year is out and to make things even better, I have worked closely with the team at Aston University to create a complete kit which contains all of the recommended equipment and accessories used during the course and which will be needed in the day to day ear care management of your clients.

20130625-133430.jpg To order this kit please visit www.pcwerthstore.co.uk and enter the product code ECCKIT/BOM , to view pricing you will need to register an account which can be done by clicking this link

There is always a wide selection of Hearing Aid Audiologists on this course, some independents and some from national companies, which further shows the broad appeal of this course and the desire, as an industry, to embrace the freedom given to create and control your own CPD portfolio.

I would be very keen to hear from people who have either been on an ear care course or are planning to attend one to get an idea of your expectations or experiences so far and how this course has impacted your clinical practice. Please mail me at trainer@pcwerth.co.uk with your thoughts and comments.

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