Block Harmful Sounds without Distorting Your Hearing Ability

Most of us know that prolonged exposure to excessively loud sounds at musical events can damage our hearing, but we do very little to protect our ears in these environments. There are many reasons for this, including lack of education, the fear of losing that ‘cool factor’ (if you can’ handle the music than get out!) and of course the sheer contradiction of wearing ear plugs to a musical event. It’s a very valid question that fans and musicians ask: “How do ear plugs protect your hearing while allowing the good sounds, melodies and vibes to be heard?” And of course hearing protection in an environment where you need to still hear adequately is not only limited to musicians and fans. Pilots, motorcyclists, race car drivers and construction workers all have the same issue.

Regular Ear Plugs Block all Sound

These ear plugs, which are commonly made from foam or wax, will protect your hearing. However, at the same time they will also impair your hearing ability during their usage. When wearing regular ear plugs, mid and high frequencies will be significantly reduced and in effect cut your ear canal off to the outside world. Any sounds heard are likely to be tactile frequencies, i.e. vibratory sounds heard via induction through your body. If you want to block out traffic noise while sleeping it’s a great option.

‘Musicians’ Ear Plugs for Natural Sound

Commonly called musicians ear plugs, these devices are used by professionals in a range of noise intense industries. Of course they come in many different makes, models and specification according to individual needs. One of the best musician’s ear plugs on the market is the Noise Pro. In comparison to solid ear plugs, the PRO series ear plugs have filters, which are vented to ensure that the volume of sound is reduced but not distorted. The series offers different levels of attenuation, according to the sound environment of the wearer.

Who Needs Hearing Protection?

It’s important to remember that hearing protection is not only for the rock stars and the race car drivers of this world. If you work on a construction site, in a sports stadium or commonly chaperone your teenage daughter to pop concerts, you shouldn’t underestimate the need for hearing protection.

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