PC Werth has a width of experience in improving sound and communication within special needs and mainstream schools. We offer a choice of infra-red and radio technologies as both fixed and portable solutions supported with free installation, training and after-care services.

PC Werth improve sound and communication within various educational environments. We believe that by offering practical and effective solutions to common (and commonly ignored) problems, we can promote greater inclusion and achievement within everyday teaching and learning.

Drawing from our range of technology and acoustics, we offer bespoke voice amplification solutions for education and are also the number one supplier of Soundfield systems in the UK.

Our range of technology and acoustics include bespoke voice amplification solutions (ideal for school assemblies, presentations and plays) and innovative sound-proofing acoustic products to reduce disruptive reverberations and create calmer learning environments. A range of leading-edge Soundfield classroom amplification systems as well as FM aids and body-worn systems for hearing-impaired children.

Soundfield Systems

PC Werth are the UK’s foremost and number one supplier of Soundfield systems. We supply schools and anywhere where people will benefit from our proven voice enhancement technology; ensuring clearer communication and better understanding.

Our classroom experience in fitting Soundfield systems is unrivalled. We’ve installed over 6000 Soundfield classrooms nationwide and numbers grow daily. Our experience covers a wide variety of school types where we have overcome many complex site conditions with our flexible range of technologies and accessories. Using specially-designed professional-grade components for PC Werth Soundfield systems means that they deliver excellent results over the long term – ensuring that you get the best return for the investment you’ve made in better classroom communication.