Your Custom Earmould: All You Need to Do is Ask

A regular PC Werth customer loves his set of Etymotic Research MC3 earphones and MusicCLEAR custom sleeves. Except that this his son cottoned on and nabbed the phones, so our friend took the opportunity to go one better.

Simple: A pair of ER HF3s produce really crisp and true sound (they are also my favourite, because the treble is so well balanced with the bass). So that was that request sorted. The next request was a little more unusual “and can i have  something to pull them out easier when I’m wearing gloves on the tractor?”.  Adding a pair of extraction cords was simple to those that know how in the laboratory. And here is the end result:

Dear PCW

PERFECTfit musicclear sleeves with extraction

Thank you so much for the new earplugs and headphones. The sound is even more awesome than my previous pair. The plugs are a perfect fit and the pullers are perfect. They work a treat. Easy to locate and when pulled they remove the plug very well. Thanks.

kind regards PJ

There is also an audiology story here that the noise isolation of a good set of earmoulds also means that you can enjoy top quality sound even when driving a tractor (or on the Tube, train, running etc for that matter)

More about PC Werth earmoulds from our brochure (download here), or from our sales team.


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