Try Dreve Xpand “your clients won’t be disappointed”

All impression materials are not the same – Dreve Xpand impression material is radical and new. “Xpanding” gently by about 5% ensures a better fitting mould for weaker tissues found in older patients, but is also suitable for all other patients.

Peter Jones of leading hearing aid practice Hearing Matters says of Xpand:

“At Hearing Matters we have been using the  Dreve Xpand impression material for a few months. The primary use has been to improve the fit of hearing protection by utilising the unique expansion capabilities of the material. The results have been superb, a better fitting mould without compromising on comfort.

“We have also tried it  with those users who struggle with mould and shell retention and the improved fittings have been welcomed by these clients. This material is a large leap forward in the impression taking process, try it, you and your clients won’t be disappointed.”

Xpand is available from pcwerthstore (search Xpand) in 50ml cartridges  and is suitable for use with narrow canulae for deeper impressions (our code code 086S).

If you are an audiologist customer of PC Werth, contact us for a sampleDreve Xpand


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