Have you thought about wearing noise protection in your music studio? Being exposed to a lot of noise means there is a greater risk of damaging your hearing. That includes spending all hours of the day in the music studio making your latest single.

It is easy to forget to wear noise protection when you are in the studio, when it doesn’t have the same feeling of loudness as a club. There are no loud crowds and flashing lights, yet sounds in the studio can exceed 110dB. HSE noise regulations states that, ‘the level at which employers must provide hearing protection… is now 85 decibels (daily or weekly average exposure)’. With no noise protection you could damage your hearing in less than 2 minutes. Audiology news, Are You Damaging Your Hearing?, explains how long you can be exposed to loud noise before you are at risk of damaging your hearing.

We spoke with drum and bass DJ, Erbndub, who performs in clubs and works all day in the studio making music. He soon realised that it wasn’t just clubs where he should be wearing hearing protection:

“I’ve been wearing earplugs in clubs for two years. Obviously in music studios, I never really thought about it, until my ears felt like I went underwater and there was no music playing. I thought, oh maybe I have blocked ears. Then over a period of time I’ve realised that tinnitus had appeared.”

Everyone will experience tinnitus at some point. If you go to a gig, the next day you might have a ringing sound in your ear that will eventually go away. Being consistently exposed to excessively loud noise on a day to day basis, could be damaging your hearing. Not only that but also enhancing the risk of tinnitus becoming more permanent.

So what can you do to reduce this risk? Wear custom noise protection with the correctly attenuated filters for your noise environment. PC Werth are working alongside DJ Erbndub to give you the opportunity to protect your ears, by purchasing a discounted pair of custom noise protection, for a limited time only!


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