Why choose PERFECTfit?

Why Select Custom Made In-Ear Products?

SAFETY – custom made noise protection products are made only for you: Unlike foam bungs, once in the ear, custom filters seal perfectly, without sound leakage, delivering the advertised levels of protection fromhearing damage.

CONVENIENCE – foam bungs take time to expand in the ear and form a noise seal – custom products are effective immediately.

COMMUNICATION – selecting the right custom filter can retain communication with noise protection – something cheaper alternatives cannot match.

ENJOYMENT – personalised earbud sleeves block out external noise, giving a much truer sound, with better bass and treble response at safer, lower volumes.

COMFORT – few things in life are as comfortable or reassuring as something that is tailored just for you. Your PERFECTfit products will fit you and no-one else.

QUALITY – made in our ISO-certified London Laboratories, PERFECTfit products combine the best materials from around the world with UK expertise.

MUSIC – Excluding distracting external noise improves the sound quality of even the most basic earbuds and music player.

FUN! – clubbers and music go-ers are increasingly turning to custom made noise protection as a way of staying in their favourite fun and noisy environments for longer in safety.

THE LAW – your employer has a responsibility to provide adequate protection from noise. NOISEpro products are the ultimate protection available.

INFECTION – water can be very damaging to ears, particularly to sensitive ears or children, where infection is common or dryness required due to grommets. A perfect seal from earplugs safely prevents water ingress.

EAR HEALTH – conditions like surfers ear and swimmers ear can be avoided with WetBobs floating ear plugs.

SIZE – you only need to compare the size of overear headphone “cans” or noise mufflers against bespoke in-ear products that deliver the same performance to understand the benefits of an intelligent choice that you can carry around with you at all times.