Why are children prone to ear infections during summertime?

And what WetBobs and AfterSwim can do about it?

girl in a pool with plugs

With schools breaking up for summer holidays, we can officially call that the swimming season has started. Pupils, instead of making their way to classrooms, are making their way to swimming pools and other leisure centres. Unfortunately, apart from the pure joy, they are also likely to experience itching, redness and pain of the ear canal as bacteria and fungi are lurking to make their way into little ears.

Middle and outer-ear infections due to swimming and extensive moisture (be it a shower, bath or swimming pool) are very common during summer season. Too much moisture irritates or breaks the skin down in the ear canal, enabling bacteria and fungi to penetrate it. This infection is commonly called as swimmer’s ear.

Especially when it comes to toddlers and younger children the symptoms might be particularly acute as their ear tube (Eustachian tube) connecting middle ear and throat is smaller and more level making it more difficult for fluid to drain out.

What can be done about swimmer’s ear infection?

There are various ways of preventing the swimmer’s ear infection among children. Although one of the most obvious ones would be just saying “No” to all that summer antics or asking your child not to wet its head when they are learning how to dive, there might be more practical solutions.

The most common approach would be finding a local dispenser and purchasing a pair of earplugs. Of course you can get away with a regular ear mould, but custom ones seem just to fit better and stay tighter in little ears. Custom ear plugs such as WetBobs not only more effectively prevent moisture from getting into the ear, but also let your child to play around with different colours.

What if WetBobs are forgotten?

Afterswim with Wetbobs

The ear plugs seem like the best solution for little swimmers enjoying swimming pools. But what about dangers lurking in bathrooms? If your child does not want to wear a bathing cap designed for elderly ladies and their fancy custom ear plugs lay forgotten among the happy family of Minions and Princess Elsa, then you might choose to use AfterSwim.

AfterSwim is just a safer solution than using a hairdryer or encouraging your child tipping their head to the side and jumping on one leg on the slippery bathroom floor trying to get rid of water. Thanks to its unique fabric, this specially designed sponge prevents damage to the ear and removes excessive liquid. By inserting a tip of it into the ear, it simply absorbs the water trapped in it. Hence your child can enjoy bath and shower for longer.


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