Who is PERFECTFit for?

PERFECTfit products are ideal for anyone who wants to safeguard their future quality of life. Hearing loss can be a devastating ailment to come to terms with. We protect our skin against cancer (sun screen), we protect our eyes from the sun (sunglasses), so why not protect your ears and hearing against damaging levels of sound – after all, significant and irreversible hearing damage loss can occur from just one sudden loud bang.

Alternatively, WetBobs protect against infection and other conditions. MusicClear earphone sleeves also help any music lover enjoy better sound quality, whilst protecting their hearing by reducing the volume required to enjoy music.

Get yourself a pair of PERFECTfit custom moulded hearing protection plugs today, without having to sacrifice clarity of sound or normal speech. The following people love to use our products:

• Musicians and music professionals
• Music lovers, clubbers and events staff
• Soldiers, police and armed forces
• Motorsports, racers and motorcyclists
• Presenters and communicators in TV & radio
• Leisure & competition shooters
• Swimmers, surfers and watersports people
• Gamers and computer users
• Mobile Phone / iPod and MP3 lovers
• Travellers and light sleepers
• Snorers and partners
• Industrial workers, farmers and oil workers
• Aviation industry
• You!

View the PERFECTfit range of products, or contact us if you require any more information – we are more than happy to help.


Erb N Dub – Hearing Protection Interview ( PC Werth / Flipside)