What 3 Words describe PC Werth?


Trusted, Valuable, Helpful


Trusted – At PC Werth, we have been at the centre of the UK audiology, education and sound communities for over 60 years. In that time we have brought 3 of the world’s largest hearing aid brands and 2 of the biggest instrument manufacturers to our shores. Not to mention introducing the concept of soundfield, to the benefit of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of school children. There is no shortcut to earning this sort of experience and trust.

Valuable – We are an active partner and essential supplier to organisations as diverse as the UK’s largest construction Plc’s, Europe’s largest procurer (the NHS) and to hundreds of individual audiologists and hearing aid dispensers around the UK. We are conscious that our value is not just about what we supply – it is what we do and the way we do it.

Helpful – We believe that all business is a personal business – all relationships hang on the thread of  personal interaction. So it is a source of pride that our staff are empowered to assist their customers as their priority. It’s not the corporate machine that lives at PC Werth – it’s the personal machine.



This blog was posted as a result of the Mark Ritson article in marketing week “All Your Brand Needs is 3 Little Words“.


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