Wax Management and Curette Videos from Bionix

Ever since we first demonstrated Bionix wax management to audiologists and ENTs in the UK, we have consistently found them to be a real customer pleaser.

The simple combination of combining light source, safer curette and magnifier makes so much sense that – honestly – we wish it had been our idea. If you want to know more about them, how to use them or some tips on curettage in general, here are 2 links to Bionix videos.

Clip 1 covers:

  • Why use Bionix curettes?
  • Selecting the right Bionix curette
  • Patient orientation and techniques – paediatric and toddlers

Clip 2 covers:

  • Patient techniques – teens and adults
  • Otoclear irrigation – description and benefits
  • Some contraindications of ear irrigation
  • Irrigation with the Otoclear system – water temperature

Clearly this is Bionix generated content and PC Werth is the UK distributor for Bionix products, so please bear this in mind. Note too, that not all advice/procedures are necessarily recommended in the UK.

Nevertheless, the information is useful and we remain proud to present these great ideas to our UK colleagues. In addition, Bionix products are part of the recommended Aston Earcare course kit list (click here if you are interested), so we are not the only people attesting to the performance of these products.

With particular reference to Otoclear, we have found the manual SprayWash version of OtoClear to be more suited to the UK than the electric version demonstrated. It is also great value (if not the best looking device in the world!)


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