Two Great New Products for Audiology on PCWerthstore

PC Werth and PCWerthstore is proud to bring the following great new products to hearing healthcare practitioners:

ZipTips – the instant Custom Earmould

ZipTips are the superb new instant-fit universal earmould for RIC & BTE. Some users like them so much that they are called the instant custom mould in the US because they give custom performance without custom hassle – ZipTips are the fast and easy way to an instant fit BTE with improved performance.ZipTips - vented


Benefits of ZipTips at a glance:

  1. Soft and comfortable in the ear
  2. Custom performance without custom hassle
  3. Shaped for a better seal in the canal
  4. Permits higher output and gain without feedback
  5. No delay taking impressions or in production
  6. Fits instantly
  7. Fits most BTE (size13 tube), micro BTE (GN Resound-type coupler) and RIC aids
  8. Crystal clear polymer material

Instantly replaceable at home or in the clinic, use Zip Tips to improve fitting success, solve “mould emergencies”, during trials or while users wait for a custom mould.

ZipTips can be purchased from PC Werth as a starter kit and as individual sizes to “top up” the starter kit.



C2HEAR – The easy instruction and support system for all hearing aid users

C2Hear with remoteC2Hear is the intuitive instruction guide for hearing aid users. Particularly relevant to new users, C2hear is also great for anyone who has family or helpers who also need to understand the impact of better hearing.

C2Hear was been developed by teams at the NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical ResearchUnit and the University of Nottingham, particularly to improve support for hearing aid users and their families so that they gain confidence and need less support. In line with this, the ultimate aim that they get more out of their hearing aid and a better quality of life.

Presented as a DVD (run time is approx 40minutes), C2Hear has been NHS tested and is generic to makes & styles of BTE hearing aid.

C2Hear is based around 10 short chapters, following real users in real situations, in real audiology departments. Film materials are supported and enhanced by clear illustrations and visual emphasis on screen.

Chapters include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting to know your hearing aid
  3. Inserting your hearing aid
  4. What to expect on wearing your hearing aids
  5. Adapting to wearing hearing aids
  6. Communication tactics
  7. Using the phone and other devices
  8. Hearing aid care
  9. Troubleshooting
  10. Retubing hearing aid moulds

C2Hear can be ordered from Just4Ears (end users) and PC Werth (trade)




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