Trends in Education Technology 2014 – Part 2


This year the market for education technology is flourishing. In the last decade, the surge of creativity among both startups and large companies seeking to improve their services has pushed innovation in the field of education technology. With the past educations event including BETT and ERA Awards and ICT For Education, a number of new trends have surfaced.


1.  MOOCs (massive open online courses)


Two years ago, the New York Times announced the “year of the MOOC”. The trend of massive online courses has brought huge potential to education, however since its advent, it has received mixed success. Online courses allow increased access to a more affordable source of education, but the completion rates of these courses has not awed education leaders.


Regardless of this, MOOCs are striving to improve their value. As you may imagine, many institutions are turning to mobile learning. Apple reportedly offers over 65,000 educational apps that serve a number of purposes on its app store alone. In addition to this there are a number of Google Play educational apps available on the market. Udemy and Coursera are examples of online learning course platforms at the forefront of change. The Open University  is also very supportive of MOOCs and have established a partnership with Futurelearn.



coursera logo

2.  Education-themed social networks


In addition to educational mobile apps, a number of exciting educational social networks have surfaced. EduClipper is a great tool created especially for teachers!


Designed similar to Pinterest, EduClipper assists teachers in lesson planning, and the sharing of ideas and resources. The network has over 200,000 users and has been incorporated into lessons taught in over 4,500 classrooms.



Campus Tap on the other hand is an app designed for students to manage higher education campus life and studying. It connects students to each other on a platform where learning material and campus events can be shared. The great thing about this platform is that educators and college administrators may join the network. The platform will expand to include businesses in the future.


3.  Integrated learning technology


The latest trend in learning systems is an all-in-one platform approach. The traditional blackboard is modified into a multimedia platform (which facilitates sound, video, writing and recording) that is combined with social media features, analytics, and a library of tools that can be used to incorporate a variety of content into class materials. The JUNO system is an example of such technology that supports  blended or flipped learning. The JUNO system was showcased at leading education conferences in Britain earlier this year, including BETT, ICT For Education and the ERA Awards.


JUNO system


4.  Automatic grading


Self assessment platforms have been used for quite some time now, and the use of automatic grading sites is predicted to increasing in popularity in 2014.


5.  Advanced SEN learning technology


It’s easy to overlook the benefits of technology for special needs students, but a number of new technologies are aiming to revolutionize classrooms for these students, as well — particularly those with autism or hearing impairments.


RoboKind is an example of a company which has introduced an autism intervention program called Robots4Autism, which makes use of human-like robot in developmental instruction for autistic children.



However, a key enabler to SEN learning is improving communication and hearing, which is where personal hearing systems fit in. Sometimes called “personal FM systems”, these systems are designed specifically for children with hearing difficulties. Although some systems used to be clunky looking, newer solutions are unobtrusive and very innovative: as such they are usually available through SEN and specialist teachers of the deaf (TOD) as part of a number of SEN and communication technologies.


Comfort Audio Digisystem


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