Tinnitus? Keep Calm and Carry On

It’s often said that the first step in many difficult situations is acceptance and that’s exactly what we’re being told by academics in Sweden.
According to a recent doctoral thesis in psychology, a specific acceptance-based approach could be key to relieving millions of Tinnitus sufferers from their daily affliction.

Vendela Zetterqvist of Linköping University, Sweden believes that a simple change in attitude, a treatment method she’s termed as Acceptance and Commitment Treatment (ACT), could make a big difference. In fact over half of participants in the study experienced an improvement through the approach.
The concept may not seem altogether fresh, taking its roots from the pre-existing Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT), but it does claim to take a broader approach. It includes working with patients’ awareness and seeing their thoughts as just thoughts.

“A thought does not necessarily correspond to the truth and we do not need to act on them,” Zetterqvist says. “Thoughts only become a problem when we act as if they were real.”

Zetterqvist’s studies have shown that ACT is as effective as CBT, if not more so. Controlled assessments indicated that 54% of participants experienced a significant improvement in their symptoms, compared to the 45% reduction felt through CBT.

Zetterqvist sums up

 “ACT has a great effect on tinnitus patients. It is justified to give a little more hope to those suffering from tinnitus,”

While the research is certainly an interesting angle, the basic idea of keep calm and carry on may seem like cold comfort to those living with the enigmatic ailment.


Source: www.liu.se

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