Is it time to upgrade your beloved Otopod???

If YOUR answer to the above question is YES, the next question should be WHY?YES

Here are the whys,

Honest answers please.

Who would not like to upgrade or improve either the way an assessment is carried out or the equipment used to perform the assessment?


The more information you can gather during your initial assessment, without spending an age gathering it, the stronger your understanding of the needs and desires of your client will be. The stronger your understanding, the better the end result for your client.

No real surprises there I know.

One of the reasons, and a valid one at that, people we speak to give for not updating or upgrading is the cost involved in doing so and the time it takes to introduce and feel comfortable with any new processes or tests you add to your toolbox.

If you are one of the many customers who are already using the Otopod from Otovation and PCW we have decided, because we feel as a profession the client deserves the best possible outcome, to offer you the chance to upgrade your Otopod to the new Otosphere advanced audiometer by offering a trade in incentive. Simply trade in your existing Otopod to receive a substantial discount off of a new Otosphere with the unique built in QuickSIN and ANL tests plus the unique Red Flag Matrix client counselling tool and optional REM, HIT and Speech Mapping upgardes.

Whats more we will even extend special pricing to any optional components ordered at the same time, even if you are thinking about introducing Real Ear Measurement and/or Speech Mapping to your practice the Otosphere has you covered, and the special pricing applies to those options as well.

We will even deliver and install the system and provide full training on its use on site at a time to suit you in your practice. So no need to take time out of practice to travel to off site venues with all of the associated costs involved.

To find out more about this opportunity please contact either your local PC Werth regional manager, Gary Mulligan (Northern Region) or Mark Clare (Southern Region) or any member of the PCW team at Audiology House and we will be pleased to explain further. Of course your always welcome to simply comment on this post and we’ll contact you to discuss this in more detail.

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