Hobbyhorse time again…..(and just before you go shopping this Christmas)

Having ranted about the dangers to ground handlers at the UK’s airports because they are exposed to jet engine noise, now it turns out that earphones may be as dangerous as jet engines (try telling that to a flock of geese).

The international hearing website HearIt.org reports a study from Leicester University that earphones can produce in-ear conditions akin to hearing a jet engine and that listening music at these volumes can damage hearing. This happens as the delicate coating is stripped from auditory cells in your ears – which is no good thing: even if your ears can recover eventually – which is news to us.

The PC Werth position is one of logic: decent earphones should block out unwanted noise, so you can listen to music at lower volumes, which is also safer. Audiologists know a thing or two about this, or find out more at PERFECTfit ears.


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