The Rat Attack: Wearing PERFECTfit Hearing Protection

Up and coming band The Rat Attack got in touch with one of our PERFECTfit partners and they have been fitted with our high quality custom moulded hearing protection! As you can imagine, being in a band can be a loud (and sweaty!) experience. Our hearing protection plugs are well equipped to fare extremely well in these conditions. They are also perfect for gig goers! Curtis Alcock of Broom Reid and Harris in Exeter took their impressions and helped them through the process in a highly professional manner. The band also hails from Exeter, and released their debut single on Monday 29th October last year through their Facebook page, where they now have in excess of 3,500 followers. It is called ‘Bad Catholic’. Just a few months ago The Sun billed them as ‘Ones 2 Watch’.

Why not get in touch with us today to get your pair of custom moulded hearing protection? It is easier than you think! The entire impression taking process is painless and will be complete in less than 15 minutes… With the PERFECTfit super fast turn around times you can expect your custom moulds back with you by the following week. We also offer and express 24 hour in house turn around time, manufactured in our London laboratory!

The band has some great tracks, of which a few can be heard here. They have already toured Europe 4 times, and played over 300 UK shows supporting various big acts. Take note of these names and expect big things from them in the coming months/years!

RAT ATTACK members:

Mike Hodges – Vocals

Charlie Wesson – Guitars

Dan Wilson – Bass

James Flavell – Drums



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