The Leading Supplier To The UK’s Audiology Industry Announces That Widex Is Finally Going Direct

After a period of amicable negotiation, PC Werth has announced that Widex A/S of Denmark is finally going direct to market. Widex will form its own subsidiary company to
distribute and service its products in the UK from the summer of 2010, as it already has in many other markets worldwide.

“Widex is a superb Company” says PC Werth Managing Director, Lawrence Werth, “and we have had 54 mutually rewarding years as their UK distributor. But over the last 2 or 3 years, with margins tightening and unprecedented adverse foreign exchange rates, it has proved impossible for us to achieve a satisfactory return.”

“Going direct with its own UK operation is the only sensible strategy for Widex” he adds. “Indeed, it is the last of the major hearing aid manufacturers to establish a UK
subsidiary, and we are sure that they will make a success of it.”

“Inevitably, we will have to restructure our business at PC Werth, and we trust that our customers will appreciate the pressures this puts upon our staff over the coming
months. However, this restructuring will enable us to now focus on what has always been the true strength of PC Werth: our depth and breadth of knowledge in the audiological market. Indeed, PC Werth has always described itself as ‘The UK’s Leading Supplier to the UK’s Audiology Industry.’

“There is a healthy market” he continues “for all the ancillary products and services needed by hearing aid manufacturers, retailers and end-users. With our expertise, reputation and contacts, we are well placed to further develop this market. That’s our future – and it’s a very bright one for PC Werth. So that’s where we are going to focus all our considerable energy and expertise.”

“The industry is going to hear a lot more from PC Werth in the coming years, and we look forward to strengthening and increasing our marketing and supplier partnerships with leading companies. Look out for several launches and announcements from us during 2010”.

“PC Werth is a great company” says newly appointed Widex UK Managing Director, Jon Billings. “We are grateful for their unrivalled support and service excellence over the years, which we will now be fortunate enough to inherit. I am sure we will continue to work together closely in the future.”

“It’s undoubtedly the end of an era in the UK hearing aid industry” observes Lawrence Werth. “But I have to admit to being as excited about our future as I have ever been. It feels like a weight has been removed from our shoulders, and we are now ready to bound forward.”

For further information please contact:
For PC Werth: Tom Parker – Tel: 020 8772 2712;
For Widex: David Charmer – Tel: 01606 77771;

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