This weekend the PC Werth team packed up their audiology gadgets and gizmos in their old kit bag and headed north to Nottingham in search of like-minded folk at the BSHAA Annual Conference, 2012.

Hundreds of hearing care professionals and suppliers of audiology solutions joined us at the East Midlands Conference Centre to find out about the industry’s latest and greatest breakthroughs. The PC Werth stand was proud to be seen side-by-side with our partners at Auditdata to showcase the stunning Primus Real Ear Fitting System.


“We have been really pleased with all the positive interest the Primus System has been attracting. It is clear that a this is a product that many audiology professionals have been looking out  for.”

– Tom Parker, Managing Director


We also took the opportunity to demonstrate the 2 new high-performance audiometers from MAICO: the  MA41 and MA42, giving dispensers the chance to experience its intelligent ergonomic design for themselves.

The atmosphere was lively and relaxed as plenty of familiar faces stopped by to say hello, in fact the first lucky twenty of each day bagged themselves a free scratchcard (but we’re sure that’s not the only reason they were smiling at us!)

There really was never a dull moment as plenty of dispensers turned up for our interactive software demonstrations, showing how these great new tools of the trade work in practice. Unsurprisingly, and as always, there was great hype over LACE UK, but we were also eager to present QuickSIN, the most widely used speech-in-noise test. Luckily we had resident expert Tony Rainer on hand to show us his moves.

“I believe without doubt that this is the quickest and easiest way for clinicians to substantiate a SNR loss and so choose an appropriate course of action. The sister product that we also provide, BKB-Sin, makes this speech-in-noise test uniquely capable of catering for all hearing abilities, even cochlear implant users.”

Tony Rainer, Hearing Regional Manager South

In fact, we got ourselves so excited by this all and felt so strongly that all of our wonderful customers should have the right tools for their trade that we came up with a barmy offer (even by our standards). Buy QuickSin and BKB-Sin together and…we’ll supply ANL absolutely free (psst- you’d best be quick, offer runs until this Wednesday only!)

Well, we had a great and fruitful time at BSHAA 2012 and we hope that all of you who made it did too. If you have any questions about the wares we had on show, be sure to contact our sales team. Finally, if your scratchcard was rude enough not to make you an overnight millionaire, well there’s always the chance to be second time lucky just by ordering on our webstore, and if you have happened to win BIG, do feel free to contact us and ‘share’ your joy!


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