Blackboards became whiteboards, whiteboards became interactive and then? The possibility of having a personal, digital whiteboard in the hands of every single student…

ipad — classroom, I believe you’ve met?”

The classroom is certainly changing and adapting to the point where technology is no longer taught, it teaches! And yes, perhaps finances aren’t quite allowing for one ipad per student just yet (although its surely just a matter of time) they are undoubtedly common place in many educational environment nationwide.

What’s more- it’s gone global! At a recent education conference in Australia there were numerous comments made about the use of this remarkable piece of technology as a tool for teaching. It seems only logical that technology in schools should at the very least parallel that which is used in the students own home. It is not only a fun and engaging methodology, but a practical one too in terms of accurate preparatory skills for the big wide world.

And it was all going rather well, but there was of course one glitch to the 21st century teaching aid- the sound quality! The ipad’s speaker size, while satisfactory for individual use, is simply not suitable for most kinds of classroom work. So it comes as more than a spot of luck to learn that the solution to such a problem is right here at PC Werth as acknowledged by some members of the Australian education conference

“We have tested Deskmate with an ipad on the Apple stand…Wow it works a treat. We have managed to place the receiver up to 15m away…larger than most classrooms!”

Unsurprisingly, we’re thrilled. While the Deskmate has proven itself time and again as a great way to improve communication with SEN students, it’s now becoming increasingly clear that this small and mighty amplifier is capable of adapting to a whole host of daily classroom needs.

As such an easy to use and cost effective option, we hope to see these portable gadgets cropping up in all classrooms as the simplest way to ensure absolute inclusion and engagement anytime.

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