Summer Country Fairs – Hearing Protection Offering

Another staple feature of a British summer is the show and exhibition circuit, with weekly events happening nationwide. Families gather together at their local County Show (or equivalent) to see what produce and cuisine is on offer, and to get the kids/dogs out the house! PERFECTfit have a hearing protection solution for every member of your family… We attended the Herts County Show and if you didn’t see us there, here is a picture of our stand for the weekend. We partnered the event with The Hearing Healthcare Centre in Harpenden.

We cater to a wide range of clients who take part in a diverse number of activities in their spare time and daily life which require the very best hearing protection. We will almost certainly be able to help you, whatever you may require. Below are just some of the options we have available:

For shooting sport hearing protection, our Safeshoot products are incredibly comfortable and offer unsurpassed hearing protection from the crack of a gun. They are made from medical grade silicone, which sits snugly in your ear. The filter is passive but activates to cut out the damaging noise from the shot – which can reach levels of up to 160db!

For the musicians and professional (or aspiring!) DJ’s, our NOISE PRO range of musicians hearing protection offers a quality and attenuation that is second to none. Specially made filters offer everything from a flat attenuation, to blocking out varying levels of sound depending on your requirements. These are also popular as noise protection for those who are motorcycling/car enthusiasts. Check out the client testimonial from a popular Australian DJ and Yamaha Team racer Tommy Hill here.

For snoring partners we have just the solution in our Softnight sleeping plugs. They are made from the softest form of silicone and block out the background noise wonderfully. Frequent travelers also tend to like these as they are great for airplane journeys or noisy hotel stays.

Our WetBobs swimming plugs are for the swimmer in the family. The float able and brightly coloured (optional!) silicone means you will never lose them in the pool.

Last but not least, we can make a custom moulded pair of earphone sleeves for your earphones! If you would like to keep your current earphones, let us know the make, and with your impressions we can craft a better listening experience for you within a week! Our super fast turnaround time means you won’t be kept waiting! If your earphones are getting a bit tired, why not go one better and purchase a pair of extremely high quality Etymotic earphones from us at the same time? We stock the full range.

Hearing is arguably one of your most valued senses. Protect it by getting in touch with us today – we will be able to fit you hearing protection or any other custom mould you require. Ask us which shows we will be at this this summer, or recommend one you think we should be attending! Alternatively, drop us a line today and we will be sure to assist you in every way possible!

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