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As the world sat on the edge of their seats this week watching the FIFA World Cup semi-finals, shots of the ever passionate crowd were beamed across the globe. What one misses, when at home,  is the noise and ambiance of a stadium filled with passionate supporters. But how loud is that ambience and can it be dangerous to one’s aural health?


Back in 2010, the world cup in South Africa caused controversy when the plastic South African trumpet, the Vuvuzela, went global and sent ear splitting honks across the globe. So much so that the BBC edited out stadium sound as it drowned out their commentary as well as the referees whistles. The vuvuzela’s noise reaches 127dbs, which is louder than a jack hammer! The uproar of a goal being scored can reach 100dbs. Considering the vuvuzela was 127dbs, the audience couldn’t even hear themselves celebrating!

South American Rain Stick2014 host nation Brazil wasn’t going to let the spirit of the stadium be damped, with the banning of vuvuzela, and created a more modest instrument known as the caxirolas. The caxirolas makes a sound similar to a rainstick instrument which will give fans the opportunity to participate without drowning out all other sounds of the game and stadium.

The hustle and the bustle of a stadium is half the fun of attending a game live, however, can it do long term damage to your hearing?

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A human’s ear drums pain threshold is 120db at the absolute maximum. Anything over 85dB or stronger can cause permanent damage to your hearing. With vuvuzelas, singing and cheering, it’s important to protect your ears in noisy sporting environments. Considering you’re surrounded by an audience cheering for goals at 100dBs, protecting your hearing while at football games is important.

grinder_diamond_wheel_detail100dBs is also the same noise level as a drill or grinding tools. Damage may start to occur after 15 minutes of constant exposure to these levels of noise. Our Pro Series range is perfect for blocking out those extra few dBs of sound to ensure that enjoying the ambience of the game isn’t impacted but that you’re able to leave with your hearing intact.

No amount of sporting fun is worth permanently damaging your hearing for. Ensure you protect your ears at all stadium events and enjoy having great aural health for a long time.

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