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Technology has certainly opened the door to a world of new opportunity – including in the classroom.  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming more popular with a number of UK schools, students with hearing problems can now benefit from assistive listening devices and teachers can explore education through new tech solutions.While it’s a wonderful world a number educators are battling with questions about all the new tech solutions on offer. Tom Parker, CEO of PC Werth, of which Sound for Schools is a subsidiary, took time out to answer a few FAQs.

“Sound for Schools came about because we believe that getting a good education is crucial in a person’s ultimate success. These days there are so many excellent tech solutions for schools that could really improve the acoustic environment for both teachers and pupils”, says Parker.


Are more schools starting to place the emphasis on better voice amplification in classrooms?

At the moment there are a number of schools across the UK who have started focusing on better sound management in their classrooms, but the concept is definitely not mainstream as yet. As classes become bigger and more pupils struggle to hear properly we believe the trend will increase.


Which Sound for Schools products are best sellers?

At the moment we’re getting a lot of requests for the Front Row Pro Digital – the system delivers clear, consistent speech free from feedback and interference. The tech operates well, even in close proximity to other broadcasting technology and we’re finding that schools install it from the get go when adding new classrooms.

Our Juno range of products is growing in popularity due their portability and wireless microphones.  These multimedia, multi-engagement educational systems are available for primary schools right through to higher education and even for business.


What, if anything, do you find most clients struggling understanding / incorporating into their teaching practice?

We’re picking up that it takes teachers a while to get used to using systems like those made by Soundfield as a matter of course.  As with anything new it needs to become a habit, not an oddity.


Are your systems difficult/ expensive to maintain?

The answer is no. The great thing about of all of our products is that they require no upgrades, have fixed repair costs and free telephone support. We do recommend an annual health check as it tends to save money in the long run.


Do you provide warranties for your products?

Our products come with 5 year warranties.


How easy are the products to operate?

This is a common question we get from a number of teachers. I can honestly say that the systems are very easy to operate, partially as we set it up right at installation. After that we ask the staff using it not to change settings and it’s as simple as that! Just remember to recharge and call us if there is an issue (or check online).


How many students can use lesson capture in a given session? Is there a limit?

With the Juno systems there is no size limit – the products could work in a small lecture room or a large classroom: it all depends on the speaker arrangement and sensor set up.


How can a school become involved in providing Comfort Audio equipment to its pupils with hearing issues?

I’d advise schools to contact BATOD and SENCO. All of our systems are suitable for SEN and HI with hearing impairments – or even temporary ones like glue ear from colds etc that students get (not to mention, weak voices if teachers have a cold!).


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