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Sound For Schools is the education division of PC Werth, one of the longest standing privately owned suppliers of specialist audiology and sound equipment in the UK. There are a number of options available to individuals or organisations interested in investing in Sound For Schools state of the art technology and sound treatments.

What are the long-term benefits of installing a PC Werth Soundfield system in your classroom through Sound For Schools? Studies have shown that Soundfield or Personal FM Systems lead to higher test scores and improved academic performance among students. Other benefits may include a calmer classroom atmosphere, which makes lessons more enjoyable and productive, with less stress on both students and teachers (who frequently suffer from vocal fatigue).

The Sound For schools support team offers extensive pre and after sales support and all products are sold under warranty.  Since noise is often a problem in schools, it is recommended that Soundfield installations are made in conjunction with acoustic treatments for a greater impact.

Purchase and Quote OptionsRequest an Acoustic Health check

1. Request an Acoustic Health check

We assess classroom conditions and provide recommendations on room or hall acoustic improvements. Existing customers can also choose to check and maximise the performance of current installations. We can even train staff at the same time.

To have your workplace, organisation or school acoustics assessed, contact us via the online form or call us: 020 8772 2700.

2. Request a quote

For information and quotes on specific products, complete the online form, call our sales team directly: 020 8772 2727, or mail us at: Directly From PC Werth Store

3. Purchase Directly From PC Werth Store

Customers familiar with our range of products or who require a low level of assistance can set up an account and purchase directly from PC Werth’s online store.

Credit, Funding and Equipment Rentals

Sound For Schools understands that both public schools and private institutions are subject to budget limitations and thus offer leases for selected equipment.

If you have an account with PC Werth, you can also apply for credit to aid funding of Soundfield systems. In order to apply for credit, please complete our online form.

In addition to this, there are several government policies and initiatives supporting Soundfield funding. Refer to our blog regarding government funding support for more information.

Sound For Schools Catalogue

To download the complete Sound For Schools catalogue with prices, create an account on the PC Werth Store website and visit the catalogue page. Alternatively visit our catalogue page and view our products in low resolution.

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