Some Earmoulds are More Equal than Others

German Quality Earmoulds at British Prices from PC Werth

Dreve VarioTherm by PC Werth: the new crystal clear earmould technology that is easy to insert and more comfortable to wear.

Our new range of high performance earmould and hearing aid fitting solutions combine the best of German technology and manufacturing systems with sharp UK pricing and faster turnaround.

We’ve been working intensively with German experts Dreve Otoplastik to address the counterintuitive situation where dispenser often prescribe a hearing instrument with extreme care and client involvement, whereas the vital earmould is often an afterthought.

Our view is that all earmoulds are not created equal. They are 100% responsible for user comfort in the ear, and they play a huge part in sound quality and performance. It’s true to say that consistently high quality moulds can certainly help dispensers raise their game.

The PC Werth production team has been trained to the Dreve Otoplastik system in Germany and is fully accredited to deliver Dreve’s world-renowned reputation within the UK dispensing market, ensuring first class build quality customer service and turn around.

If we don’t turn it around in 4 days, your next mould is free.

Account holders can find pricing and information on our professional pages, or call 020 8772 2700

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