Socrates – New Evoked Potential Clinical Audiometer

PC Werth are pleased to announce the launch of Socrates, a new evoked potential clinical audiometer. Socrates offers fully comprehensive tests (including ABR, cortical ERA, ASSR and VEMP), with neat and innovative features, allowing rapid complex diagnostics. Focusing on an easy to use workflow combined with powerful data processing, allows the audiometer to easily integrate with your clinical workflow.

Designed in collaboration with both clinicians and researchers, the Socrates clinical audiometer has highly customisable protocols that deliver results with technical excellence!

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, PC Werth look forward to introducing the newest member of our family to you at the BSA’s annual conference this week in Harrogate.


Socrates Evoked Potential features:

Simplified interface to perform test in a few clicks

Socrates uses a clear software interface with innovative features such as a graphical guide to accompany you in the patient’s preparation and use of the mouse wheel to change signal levels or display scales.

evoked potentials

High test repeatability saving time

Highly accurate analogue and digital filtering create reliable, repeatable results with minimal intrusion from artefacts. Protocols can be preprogrammed and sequenced reducing overall test time. Socrates evoked potential supports numerous stimuli including click, tone burst and chirps to further enhance its diagnostic capability.

High resilience to artefacts for more accurate results

Socrates Evoked Potential provides high levels of accuracy when performing ASSR assessment with full control over stimulus parameters. Binaural thresholds can be estimated in under 15 minutes. It uses advanced algorithms to manage artefacts and optimise results.

lady having electrical potentials tested
Testing electrical potentials with Socrates

Customised assessment protocol for your individual needs

Cortical ERA, mid-latency and P300 responses are pre-configured on the device, suiting the clinics who want further ability to offer these neurological diagnostic tools. Socrates evoked potential is also able to use arbitrary and external stimuli further customising the assessment protocol.

Biofeedback for further diagnosis

Further diagnostic capability can be utilised in the vestibular clinic. Biofeedback is given when testing VEMPs to ensure that optimal muscle tension is achieved for response rectification. A separate dedicated BC output allows stimulation via a mini-shaker for oVEMP measures via Socrates’ integrated amplifier with its own stored calibration values.

Intelligence, flexibility and customisation development to facilitate your workflow

Customisation can range from stimulus type to acquisition parameters to reporting style. It provides a fast, simple interface for daily practice or an expert interface for clinical research. The software will build a picture of how you work and learn and which settings and protocols are most commonly used. It can use your database to build a pool of normative data from your patient population. Flexibility also means combining power and simplicity. Smart software design makes it an essential tool for both daily clinical practice as well as scientific research.

interface of Socrates evoked potentials

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