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The internet seems to be littered with people talking about the importance of shooting hearing protection, and yet we still see cases of people neglecting the use of hearing protection on a weekly basis! Here is another interesting post, this time talking about shooting hearing protection. The headline question asks whether anyone has ‘intentionally shot their gun without hearing protection’. Similar to a past post relating to concert and gig hearing protection which got some great feedback, we picked out some of the best replies to the topic for you to have a look at…

  • That is a very stupid practice I engaged in a few times when I was 18 and a brand new gun owner… I had a headache and severe tinnitus for a few days.
  • Intentionally shooting without Hearing Protection is just dumb.
  • I wear muffs when I run the lawnmower and snow blower as well.
  • I build things in a shop all day, and have for over 20 years so putting in hearing protection is pretty much an automatic reflex at this point.
  • I already know how bad it is with inadequate protection. I don’t need to go fully unprotected and inflict permanent hearing damage to know what it sounds like and what my reaction would be.
So the responses were fairly unanimous, with only a couple of people saying they shoot without hearing protection… We can tell you categorically that, unfortunately for them, they will experience terrible hearing loss in later life.  Take a look at this great little diagram which simply states how loud noise affects hearing.

With all these people suggesting you wear hearing protection when shooting, why not get the best available protection for your ears? You can even use your earplugs for other household activities, such as mowing the lawn. The Hocks Filters from PERFECTfit can double up as motor cycle hearing protection and shooting protection! We have the right product to suit your needs – just search through our range, or why not send us an email or drop us a line if you have any questions!



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