Sell-out Wax Management Solutions

New Wax Management Solutions

Bionix Lighted Ear Curette

Our new range of cerumen (Okay – earwax) management products has been so well received that we have sold out twice  already – and we only launched the first products 6 weeks ago.

We stock a full range of Pro-Pulse equipment to meet the needs of professionals following the Rogers regime, whilst the core of our range is based around the excellent Bionix Lighted ear Curette system.

The beauty of the Bionix system is that it does the job of so many other items.  If you remember the old Wash & Go shampoo ads, you will appreciate the benefits going into clinic without separate earlight, magnifier and curette, when 1 product will do the lot.  Smug advertising look is optional.

The full range will be included in the WIRe published online 7th November.

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