How to Save on Impressioning Costs

If something is going in here, it better be clean

At the recent BSHAA conference last weekend, PC Werth launched some great new canulae (or canulas…) into the UK market. Firstly, we recommend the use of the impressioning gun system – and canulae – for three very good reasons:

  1. Hygiene and infection control – as a packaged unit with single use tips, guns and disposable canulae easily meet NHS infection control principles and requirements. Although some departments do continue to hand mix, the same cannot be said of using the same impressioning syringe between ears and even patients – even after a good going over with a spectrum wipe or two.
  2. Setting times and safety – one thing precise chemical reactions don’t like is contamination. And mixing impressioning material correctly for it to go off to the right consistency in the right time is a chemical reacion. And mixing 2 part systems in the open air or in your hand is a pretty good way of risking contamination. Our supplier – Dreve in Germany – consistently advises that oils from your hands can delay curing times, with potentially disastrous results. So it pays to mix well in a clean environment and minimise contamination. Gun systems beat hand mixing hands down on this one.
    A typical 50ml impression gun system from PC Werth
  3. Image and professionalism – whilst we don’t recommend our electric impressioning gun as essential for everyone, it has to be said that  we thing manual guns are essential. Not least because the gun system presents a more modern and professional patient centred system than using syringes – not to mention the slightly unediffying race to mix and fill a syringe and take the impression before the material goes off.

New shorter canulaeNew PC Weth canulae

Now that we are back on the topic impression guns, we are pleased to launch our shorter canulae for Dreve Otoform Ak, A Soft X and Xpand impression materials. They are shorter than previous canulas, with a tighter mixing spiral to ensure a thorough mix. Benefits include

  • Less wastage in the canuale after each impression saves money and material
  • Shorter canulae take up less space for portable and domiciary applications (the surprise insight of BSHAA)
  • They are shorter which means better control of the tip, opportunitiies for head bracing and so on – meaning a better impression, less repeat impressions/ wastage and a better quality service

The new shorter canulae are available from PC Werth – codes are:

call the pc werth sales team 020 87722700 for a sample – while sample stocks last




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