Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…Flip!

This year at Bett Show the message was clear; teachers can and should flip the classroom to reclaim precious lesson time with students!

“It started with a simple observation: Students need their teachers present to answer questions or to provide help if they get stuck on an assignment; they don’t need their teachers present to listen to a lecture or review content.”
– Bett Arena speakers Bermann & Sams (‘Flip your Classroom’ 2012)

Yet with the pressure on to get tiptop results, many still plan lessons around drumming in the ‘safe bet’ answers, leaving little time to digress.

The flipped classroom concept suggests students learn at home and apply their knowledge during class. Less teacher talk time means more time for discussion, interaction and practice with the teacher and their peers. But still many learn best by hearing their teacher repeat a point time and again (not least if they were talking the first time!)



Juno Lesson Capture is the new classroom tool that allows teachers to record and playback any lesson without cameras or editing!


Using one portable speaker and lightweight neck microphone, the teacher’s voice is amplified evenly throughout the classroom resulting in calmer learning environments and the reduced risk of vocal strain.


What’s more, the teacher can record this speech alongside whatever whiteboard visuals are in use at that time. When finished, the lesson is automatically saved in MP4 format allowing learners to watch videos online, from any device.

  It’s Seriously Simple!


Lesson play back is particularly usefully for exam revision, absentee catch up and reviewing more challenging topics. It is also an ideal way to support slower learners and those with special education needs.


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