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Teachers encounter a range of challenges daily: curriculum changes, a lack of resources, student absence, struggling students, bored students and students with special learning needs are just a few. Teaching remains one of the most important careers and if one considers how rapidly the world is changing around us, being a teacher is also one of the most difficult roles.
We have put together a collection of TED Talks (A source of international thought leader conferences) on the topic of education that explain the trends that are shaping the future of education, and that may motivate you to re-evaluate your views on education and its current systems.


1. Changing Education Paradigms – Sir Ken Robinson


The first video included in this list is by Sir Ken Robinson, whose ultimate point is that the current education systems around the world leave our children ill prepared for the 21st century economy andthe market in which they will have to find work. Sir Ken Robinson’s ideas are inspirational and will leave you with a few ideas of how you could potentially reshape your classroom.



2. Education Innovation in the Slums – Charles Leadbeater


Video number two on the list, by Charles Leadbeater, tackles the issue of access to education. As a teacher, one might feel restricted due to a lack of resources available, but today, simple mobile technology has the ability to provide hope to people around the world – even those from the poorest slums. Education is power!



3. What We’re Learning From Online Education – Daphne Koller


Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera, one of the first successful MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), explains that a one-size-fits-all classroom and education model does not work in practice. She also advocates that online learning is an effective solution for individuals who don’t have access or the financial resources to obtain a traditional education.



4.  Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education – Salman Khan


Salman Khan’s video explains the benefits of flipped and blended learning and how traditional education often discourages deeper learning. Flipped and blended classrooms allow students to learn in their own time. Salman Khan hopes to see every classroom facilitating this type of learning in the future. The Juno lesson capture system offered by Sound For Schools is a excellent option to facilitate flipped learning.



5.  Every Kid Needs a Champion – Rita Pierson


To end off, we’ve included a very inspirational video by teacher Rita Pierson, who has experienced education reform for generations. Rita’s touching words should be heard by every teacher in the world.



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