Protect Your Hearing This Festival Season!

With hundreds of music festivals lined up this summer, it is easy to forget the unusually cold May weather we are experiencing. As I sit sipping my hot chocolate whilst wrapped up in a blanket, with the heating on full blast, it warms my heart to think of the ecstatic joy that many festival goers will experience in the coming weeks/months. There is something for everyone, and every corner of the country will have tour buses descending on it at one point or another.

Inevitable noise complaints from disgruntled neighbours are becoming the norm, with some residents expecting their local festival to keep noise levels at a meagre 65db. My noisy aunt speaks above that level! However, that pales in comparison to recordings taken at Indian festivals in October last year, where readings reached as high as 121.4db. Think constant thunderclaps in your ear as a comparison. Understandably this is incredibly damaging, and far surpasses the human pain threshold. At 120db, serious hearing damage can be caused after just 7.5 minutes exposure – the equivalent of roughly 2 songs! Some councils impose a limit of 75db on festival organisers, but keeping to this can often be tough. If you are worried about the noise levels you experience on a daily basis how about getting the Noise Nuisance App, and monitor sound levels when you go to concerts/festivals. The App is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Most importantly of all, when you gear up for your festival(s) of choice this year, why not consider protecting yourself even further? Pack a pair of custom moulded ear plugs from PERFECTfit in your bag and enjoy the music with full confidence that you are preserving your hearing for many more summers to come! They are very discrete and can be made in various funky colours to suit your taste.

An article on the Deafness Research website puts it wonderfully:

‘Despite common misconceptions, ear plugs do not block out the sound, in fact they can help to improve it as conversations can be heard over the music. Whilst they are not yet the world’s biggest fashion accessory, new ear plugs have many designs and colours, as well as the simple skin coloured plugs to blend in. If the musicians wear them, surely fans can follow suit.’

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction fame has revealed he is suffering from tinnitus. Chris Martin (Coldplay) says that ‘Looking after your ears is something that you don’t think about until there is a problem’. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is gradual, and often without pain, so you may not notice it until many years down the line. How are you going to tell your grandchildren about ‘that time you saw The Rolling Stones live’ if you cannot hear them?! Don’t let it get to that stage!

Get in touch today and we can organise an appointment with one of our PERFECTfit partners so that you can protect yourself this summer – you will not regret it!

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