Products for Audiologists and Hearing Professionals

PC Werth’s offer for audiologists and hearing care professionals is one of the most complex on the UK hearing care market. Drawing from our 70-year experience, we believe that we can satisfy needs of every hearing professional while they can focus on their patients.
PC Werth provides the complete range of audiometry instruments, *hearing aids, audiometry accessories, impression materials, cerumen management solutions and *custom ear plugs coming from big brands such as Kamplex, Bionix, Drave, Etymotic Research and many more.
Under our house brand – Kamplex – you will find a wide range of audiometry instruments such as sound level meters, hand-held freefield warblers, audiometers, tympanometers, combined audio-tympanometers, audiometric booths, REM and VRA systems. In the Kamplex portfolio you will also find BTE and ITE hearing aids available to NHS only.

Go to Kamplex page to find out more about audiometry instruments.

All of our products you will find on our webstore with the exception of Hearing Aids and Noise protection custom ear moulds.

*Special Products which you won’t find on the webstore

Under Special Products we have listed two categories of products which you won’t find on our webstore. These are BTE and ITE Hearing Aids which are only available to NHS supply chain and custom ear plugs which we supply to our Perfectfit partners and hearing dispensers. To learn more about these products please visit Kamplex Hearing Aids page or go to Noise Protection page to learn more about custom mould earplugs.

PC Werth has been the best Accessory and Equipment Provider of the Year 2014 and 2015 at AHIPP.

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