PRO Series Music Protection Moulds


Product Overview

The Music PRO series created a new era in level attenuating hearing protection. The filters are vented to allow sound to pass both ways which means that remaining sound can escape directly through the filter providing one of the most natural sounding earplugs available. The range offers unparalleled innovation and tailor-made attenuation to ensure that you can be comfortable and functional in your environment.

PRO 10

This product is perfect for environments where sound levels are just above safe limits. They still allow for a crisp sound quality, and provide that extra bit of attenuation to protect your ears. Occlusion is still reduced, and the vented filters mean that sound remains incredibly natural. Manufacturer’s Note: The PRO 10 deliberately does not meet the minimum attenuation of 12dB above 1KHz that is required by the EN352-2 standard, it is therefore not tested or certificated under this standard.

PRO 15

These provide a subtle attenuation that is perfect for use in acoustic or orchestral environments. At higher frequencies the curve spikes slightly for protection against heavily played wind instruments. The vented design makes communication and vocal performances sound more natural resulting in a plug that is more transparent to the wearer. The PRO-15, custom made in soft silicone represents the next generation of musicians hearing protection. There is the additional benefit of water resistance for increased longevity.

PRO 17

This filter offers the flattest response filter in the PRO range. It gives one of the most accurate responses of any hearing protector with flat attenuation across the board. This means you get to hear the music just as it should sound but 17dB quieter with no loss of high or low frequencies. It is designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, and its vented design reduces occlusion giving your voice a more natural sound making the hearing protector more transparent.

PRO 20

This filter provides attenuation for high noise situations where there are higher pitched frequencies. For motor sport they provide protection against wind, road and engine noise whilst allowing the wearer to maintain situation awareness. You are also able to hear the note of the engine and communicate clearly when stationary. As it was designed with motorsport in mind, the PRO-20 is the ideal filter for demanding environments. It is water resistant so it will carry on performing in the hot or humid conditions of a crash helmet (or demanding industrial environments) with no loss of attenuation.

PRO 26

It is one of the strongest level-attenuating earplugs available, offering protection from the most challenging sound environments whilst ensuring that you can hear clearly at all times. The PRO 26 offers the same clarity of sound as the rest of the PRO range and offers a high-frequency peak that ensures that your hearing is protected from the most dangerous and intense sounds. The PRO 26 offers the best of both worlds, with clear communication and protection for those working in the loudest of environments being catered for.

PRO 27

This offers a flat 23dB reduction through the low and mid range frequencies, and up to 35dB reduction in the higher frequencies. Your ability to communicate is not hampered, and you can still be comfortable in very loud environments, meaning you can carry on working or enjoying your passion in safety.




Custom moulded fit
Fully hygienic and cleanable
Clear colour as standard
Tried and tested noise reduction properties
1 year guarantee on manufacturing defects


Attenuation levels; 15dB, 17dB, 20dB, 26dB and 27dB
Material: comfortable medical grade silicone

What is Included?

  • Custom moulded Music Pro Series ear plugs
  • Custom Moulded Ear Plugs with PRO Filters
  • Custom Moulded PRO Series Hearing Protection Plugs (Clear)
  • Fitting and cleaning guides
  • Handy Carry Pouch
  • Wax cleaning pick


  • Lanyard (subject to space)
  • Engraving
  • Choice of various colours
  • Glitter
  • Extraction cord (subject to space)