One of our most popular products has got to be the PowerWave Deskmate. This portable wireless speech amplifier is the perfect example of what happens when small and mighty technology come together; creating a personal PA system that is powerful yet not in the slightest bit obtrusive!

It’s proven to be ideal for hearing impaired children in the classroom, listening to music in the park and, as we’ve most recently found out from this rave review, helping the vintage Chef’s of Britain carry on cooking!


“These amplifiers are great. The quality of amplification is superior to anything else we’ve tried and the ability to use them remotely is so beneficial to my patients.
A husband of a lady with Parkinson’s Disease says it stops him having to go back and forth to the living room while he’s cooking and at ninety that’s a blessing!
We’re looking forward to ordering more!”

Bev Snowden, Lead Speech and Language Therapist, Adult Community Services

17th August 2012



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