PRO 20’S

Sarah, DJ at Eivissa Soul

Sarah is a resident DJ at Eivissa Soul, and is currently working as a DJ in the UAE at a luxury hotel. She had this to say:

“I have recently upgraded from tearing off pieces of serviettes and tissues, then fashioning them into long tube-like creations and using them to plug up my ears to drown out sound, to PRO Series – PRO-20 moulded ear plugs.

I had these fitted at PC Werth in South London a few months ago and already I do not know how I survived without them. I have been working as a DJ in bars and clubs for around 5 years and the constant exposure to loud music for hours on end, day in day out was never a concern for me, until I started developing tinnitus. I was never warned about the dangers of exposure to loud noises and probably due to my own ignorance, never thought about it – most people I speak to about this issue now still don’t.

I used to get a pain in my ears about once every six or so months, this pain has now graduated to nearly every day. I had an MRI and was told by ear specialists to give up my job. This is something I had considered as well because the constant horrible feeling of working with a speaker blasting straight into my ear was unbearable.

However, since getting my PRO-20s, I am literally bulletproof. I recently worked at the V Festival in Chelmsford and had no idea just how loud the music was until I took out one ear plug and glanced across at the 7 foot tall speak that stood just metres away from me.

I have just come back from DJing in Ibiza. There I went to many of the “super clubs” – every night making sure I wore my earplugs. I honestly do not know how I’ve survived without them. I now panic if I am off to work and do not have my earplugs with me and have to resort back to using my serviette technique which pales in comparison. I even take them with me on a normal night out, the fact that they do not protrude at all and are clear make them invisible.

I would like to extend a massive thank you to PC Werth and to let you know that I rave on about you to everyone!’


Tommy Hill, Swan Yamaha Motorcycle Racer

Tommy came to us at the Goodwood Festival of Speed as he was sick and tired of using standard foam bungs as hearing protection. We provided him with a set of PRO 20′s which are a world apart from the instant fit option. Here is a picture of Tommy getting his impressions taken:


Hocks Filters

Tim Hawkins,Welsh Junior Double Trap Shooting Champion and aspiring Olympian

Tim has worn both our Hocks Filters and Sonic Valves; in his opinion the Hocks Filters come up trumps! Here is an email we received from Tim recently:


I’ve had time to try out both sets properly now and I prefer the Hocks Filters. They feel more comfortable and are a lot better at noise reduction.

They both look awesome with the penguin engraving on so thanks you very much for that I shall get some pics next time I’m on the range.

Final Ratings:
My old [overear] muffs 6/10
The Sonic Valve 6/10
Hocks Filter 9.5/10

Cheers, Tim