PERFECTfit Protection Earplugs

We have a wide range of ear protection products that cater for almost every situation imaginable. Whether you work in a noisy environment, have a snoring partner, go shooting on the weekend, or need swimming plugs – PERFECTfit by PC Werth has the right product for you.

Safeshoot custom shooting plugs for security, trap, rough and target shooting protect wearers against gunshot noise, while allowing communication.

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Noise Pro noise filters are super-comfortable custom-made in-ear hearing protectors. For industry, musicians, home & DIY and motorsport, Noise Pro feature high performance ER, PRO, DLO or Hocks technology.

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ClearComms broadcast moulds bring medical quality earmoulds to suit a wide variety of broadcast and communication applications in entertainment, sport and security.

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MusicClear products improve listening pleasure, comfort and music quality. Specialising in earphone sleeves for any earbud & hybrid monitors (ACS MP15), contact us for priority information about MusicClear in-ear-monitors (IEM).

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WetBobs are the perfect ear protectors for watersports. Custom made for a perfect fit, WetBobs float – so won’t get lost - and come with special mouldings for easy extraction with swimmers’ colder and wet fingers.

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Softnight sleep plugs are specially moulded out of our softer “Powersil” silicone and are carved out by hand. This makes them extremely comfortable and pliable in the ear (even when you roll over), whilst retaining their excellent noise seal properties.

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