All PC Werth products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty from date of invoice, valid against defects in workmanship or materials (unless otherwise stated), for UK customers. PC Werth will repair or replace items under warranty at our discretion. Damage caused by accident, misuse, improper or unauthorised handling, modification, repair, or negligence is excluded.

Warranty Duration

Warranties and Remakes on Earmoulds & Custom In Ear Products

Warranty – components, materials & noise filter inserts: 1 year from date of invoice

Warranty – manufacturing and fit: 30 calendar days from invoice

We are proud of the quality of our moulds and support our customers’ expectations for a first-class product with our comprehensive warranty. Our warranty covers earmould workmanship and materials from date of invoice. Should a remake be required, the original custom products and a new set of impressions must be sent back to us within 30 days from the date of invoice. Failure to return the original product within 30 days will result in remakes becoming chargeable.

During this time we will remake, replace or refinish moulds free of charge (excluding P&P) in the case of:

  • Material or manufacturing defect
    · Patient discomfort or rubbing*
    · Feedback or whistling*
    · Broken or cracked moulds resulting from normal use
    · Original order instructions and impression quality support the case for a remake*

A remake or replacement mould is not free of charge when:

  • The mould is outside of the warranty period
    · A duplicate mould is requested
    · Failure results from misuse or damage, wax blockage or other user-related issue
    · Remake results from inaccurate or incomplete information from the dispenser – including sub-standard impressions*

*Manufacturing earmoulds is a specialised skill. Our technicians’ ability to create an accurate, high quality mould is constrained by the quality of the original impression and fitting notes provided at time of order. To ensure customer and end-user satisfaction, we therefore maintain the right to refuse impressions that are sub-standard or incomplete.


Owing to the nature of the product, all custom earmould products will be delivered tracked and signed via Courier.


Please see our full terms and conditions here.